Back at it! 9/10-13

Hi all! Sorry for the break. We ran our half marathon, which went great, and then I took some time off from my Fitbit, and THEN I got swept up in back to school activity. I am back in the game now, though. Here are my pictures from the last four days. Lots of up and down stairs, gathering homeschool supplies, and one glorious run this Sunday morning.

Steps This Week

This week is the biggest mileage week I’ll do in preparation for the virtual half marathon my sister and I are running in late August. That means I get tons of steps on running days and a lot of rest on off days. Sunday, for example, I hit 25,000+ steps (I had a 9 mile run on the docket.) and today I was at 10,000 by 10am. But I have not hit 10,000 most other days this week.

In any case, here are some photos of my running and walking adventures!

10,000, 20,000 on 8/13/20

I went to bed at about 9500 last night, but today was a biggie, with a 5 mile run and lots of Michigan fun.

10,000 steps, on my lovely run:

20,000 steps, at our resort:

8/7-10, Catching Up

I have been only a so-so FitBitter and missed my goal three of the last four days! I did clock about 8000 steps each of those “off” days, though, so I’m not too worried about it.

Yesterday, though, I had a 6 mile run as well as a trip to a local forest preserve. Here are pictures of my 10,000th and 20,000th steps.

🤩 and 😂, my life in two images.

10,000th Step, 8/6/20

Lots of runs with my sis and this baby means lots of steps (I actually got 23,000 today, but didn’t feel the second buzz), and since we always take the same route, the Fitbit always buzzes in a similar place. Boring pics for you but a perfect, centering routine for me!

10,000th Step, 8/5/20

Came up the stairs and found that this old lady was turning in for the night along with me. She found her comfy, cool spot just as my Fitbit buzzed.


10,000th Step, 8/3 and 8/4

Yesterday my Fitbit buzzed while I was putting the baby to bed.

And today it buzzed 4 miles into a rainy 5 mile run, right as I was about to pass the Lincoln Square farmers market.